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PAMPAS BOHO Weddings – the latest craze on Weddings

Pampas grass produces a beautiful plume like flower, normally around the Fall. This lovely plume has become more popular and the center of attention for homes and Weddings this 2023 year, after being showcased on several TV programs such as the “Martha Stewart” show. There are several beautiful ornamental grasses that can be incorporated to a wedding, some are: Pampas Grass, Bunny Tails Grass, Fountain Grass, Native American Prairie Grass, etc.

The pampas and other grasses to be use for your wedding are the dry kind of these grasses. They are a lovely natural renewable resource that look amazing on pictures. FYI. Unlike natural fresh flower that can take some abuse when handled and use on decorations or bouquets, these grasses because they are dry, will break if not carefully handled. Just be careful when handling your bouquets & decor and you should be fine.

Beach Weddings Alabama™ has several lovely Pampas Wedding Arch Set-ups for every taste. BOHO Weddings is normally the style called for this type of Wedding set up. If you are looking for an Orange Beach Boho Wedding or a Gulf Shores BOHO wedding or Perdido Key BOHO Weddings, you came to the right place. Take a look at them on our Ceremony Only Wedding packages page, just click this link: BEACH WEDDING CEREMONIES

BOHO Weddings are normally natural or earthy colors. However, colors can be incorporated to customize a wedding without distracting from the BOHO style. Try to incorporate your color as a subtle accent to the BOHO Wedding Arch, it could be as a sheer color fabric or as an accent flower on the pampas floral arrangement. Your bride’s bouquet can also showcase the pampas grass and combine your wedding color. Normally these colors are showcased a bit matte or tone down, not too bright, to keep the BOHO style going.

Popular 2023 Weddings Colors are very pretty and there is a nice variety of them. They are: Earth Tones, Nude, Champagne, Navy blue, Terracotta Orange, Dusty Rose, Mauve, Sage Green, Yellow (dull kind), Emerald (to me, this green seems more of a Hunter Green than Emerald), Dusty Blue & Wine. I will be posting next samples and combinations for you to visualize your own wedding.

If you did not see your wedding color listed, do not worry! We have most colors under the rainbow. If your colors are not what’s popular this year or you do not like the BOHO style. Again, do not worry! We have wedding set ups for all tastes. We will make your wedding ceremony and/or reception an affair to remember, no matter the color or style.

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all inclusive wedding venues in alabama by Beach Weddings Alabama