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When (And When Not) to DIY Your Wedding

The number of tiny details to consider when planning a wedding is practically endless. From thinking about table decorations to seating charts, all the way down to what kind of font you want on the invitations, the list goes on and on.

One of the advantages to paying somebody to handle everything for you is obviously saving yourself on time. But it very well might not save you on money, and as anyone planning a wedding knows, costs add up quick. Beach Weddings Alabama is here to help you figure out if it’s worth it to DIY your wedding, looking at when you should and when you shouldn’t let someone else take over. Learn more, and check out our Orange Beach wedding packages and specials — even if you don’t have a date picked out yet, it’s always fun to look and to dream!

If you love DIY projects…

Then a wedding is a perfect time to try some of those Pinterest ideas out! Keep in mind, however, you’ll likely have to DIY for a lot of people, depending on how big you want your wedding to be. It might be fun to make some homemade candles at first, but after turning out 300 of them, there’s a good chance you’ll feel differently.

It’s also probably a good idea to not DIY everything, but to pick and choose some projects that seem attainable. You don’t want to be bogged down with crafts and small details and add a lot to your plate as the day gets closer. And even when people hire a professional wedding planner, there are still tons of decisions to be made — taking care of everything yourself will inevitably bring some added stress.

If you don’t have a ton of time…

Look to hire someone, or look for wedding packages (like our Orange Beach ones) that can make planning simpler. You may think you’re spending too much money, but having that extra flexibility will be absolutely worth it. If getting home from work to create some thoughtful presents for your wedding party sounds incredible, go for it! If it sounds miserable and like another chore, take the shortcut and spend some extra money. It’s your wedding — set the expectations that you want.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for…

It’s probably best to hire someone or choose a wedding package, where the main components of the ceremony and the reception are all included and you just have a few things to weigh in on. Some people spend their entire lives planning their wedding. Others don’t get wrapped up into the details or what a “perfect” wedding looks like. If you’re in the latter half, make it easier on yourself. Because as always, the wedding itself is a huge deal, but the commitment is the most important thing — it’s OK if you’re not a wedding planner! You don’t have to be.

If you want to save money…

This answer might surprise you: There’s not a definitive answer to this scenario! A lot of people like to think that DIY is a cheaper alternative to paying for everything. The truth is that supplies cost a lot of money, mistakes cost a lot of money, and not to mention, time is money. Just as there’s the possibility of saving money with DIY wedding projects, there’s just as much of a possibility that you won’t.

Our recommendation? Go with what you’re comfortable with. If there’s an art project that you feel passionate about and want to give it a go, do it! If you start doing a bunch of DIY things and end up feeling overwhelmed and it no longer becomes fun, scrap it! Just remember that if your main reason to DIY is to save money, there’s a good chance that it won’t happen, and the stress simply won’t be worth it.

If you want as little stress as possible…

Pass off the reins to the professionals! At Beach Weddings Alabama, we offer Orange Beach wedding packages that make your wedding day one to remember and cherish, not one to stress over. With a process that’s simultaneously simple and elegant, wedding planning does not need to be the death of you. Call us today to figure out which Orange Beach wedding package is right for you!