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Things to DIY at Your Wedding

In our last blog, we talked about when you should and when you shouldn’t DIY your wedding. There are tons of circumstances in which it might be a good idea, and others where it probably won’t work out. But today, we’re focusing on when there are some DIY things that you can tackle — even if you’ve never thought of yourself as the crafty or DIY type.

At Beach Weddings Alabama, we’re all about making weddings easier for you to plan. While our beach wedding packages make planning simpler and stress-free, we’re more than happy to provide you with other DIY solutions! Take a look at some easy DIY ideas for wedding planning, and work with Beach Weddings Alabama for the best in beach wedding packages.

Thank You Cards

You’ll have to write out thank yous anyways, so it makes sense to cut costs and get a little craftier with it all. Here are a couple of ideas to make your thank yous stand out!

  • Postcards: Not exactly DIY, but definitely more innovative and easier to do than licking 200 envelopes. Pick up tons of beautiful postcards from wherever you’re honeymooning (or from where your ceremony was), stamps, and write a thoughtful note! Plus, guests will probably hold onto your postcard more than a thank you card.
  • Stamped Cards: With cardstock, a paper cutter, and a beautiful, homemade stamp, it’s never been easier to create your own thank you. This will undoubtedly save you some money from just buying cards and envelopes in bulk, and will allow you to express your creative side. Consider getting a handmade stamp (or making one with a linoleum block) to make it even more personal.


There are a few decor ideas that are super simple to create, but pack quite the punch in terms of design. Taking plain white balloons and painting the bottom part of them gold (showing the brushstrokes) adds a level of class without costing a fortune. Creating banners or even photo booth supplies are similarly easy to make.

For banners, you could take old T-shirts or other scrap material and tie knots around a piece of twine. You could also cut triangular pennants out of cloth to be attached to the string. This is a super easy way to spice up a wall, whether at a bachelorette party or for taking photos at your reception.

Additionally, using wine corks are an easy way to create a fun and decorative sign. Whether marking where people can drop off cards and sign the guestbook or showing where the bar is, a cork-made sign is a fun DIY craft that anyone can do. Simply hold onto (or purchase) corks, trace out a stencil of what you’re trying to spell, then hot glue corks together to form the words.


You wouldn’t think it, but even renting out napkins for your wedding can cost a fortune (though it’s not a big deal if you choose one of our beach wedding packages). You could easily buy plain white, cloth napkins in bulk, and then spice them up in any number of ways.

For someone who’s truly ambitious, you can embroider initials or a cute, simplistically chic design into each one. Otherwise, play around with hand dyeing, or use a special type of marker to draw wedding rings, a wedding message, or even just a decorative heart design onto each one. It’ll be fun to do, and not take too much time or money, either.


Candles for tables aren’t super expensive, but plain votives can be kind of bland. There are plenty of ways that you can make floating candle displays that cost hardly a dime, but add much more depth to your table arrangements. HGTV also has some ideas on how you can marble your votives to add a splash of color.

With any of these DIY crafts, you’ll be able to save money while still having a beautiful day. That’s something that Beach Weddings Alabama is all about. We offer beach wedding packages that are designed to eliminate the stress, but none of the sensation, that come with your big day. Learn more about our beach wedding packages, and give us a call with any questions you might have! CONTACT US