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Tips For The Couple Planning Their Own Wedding

When you embark on planning your wedding, we get it — it can feel like a roller coaster with steep drops. You start off full of excitement and anticipation, and as you go on in your wedding planning process, it can become more stressful. How are you going to make all your dreams for your wedding day come true on a budget and within your time constraints? Take a breath. At Beach Weddings Alabama, we get it. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of tips for those couples who feel overwhelmed by going at the wedding planning process without the help of a wedding planner.


  • Combine as much as you can.

You end up paying more, and stressing more when you have to address every part of your wedding individually. Often, wedding venues will include recommended caterers, photographers, cake bakers, etc. so that you’re not totally in the dark. What’s even better? Find a wedding venue that does it all for you. Beach Weddings Alabama is the area’s only all-inclusive wedding venue. With us, you have access to a beautiful beach wedding, a reception package, a DJ, a caterer, a photographer, and more. We understand that you have a job and a life outside of wedding planning, so why should you have to spend extra time and money that you may not have?

  • Ask for help!

In the beginning, it seems like you can conquer the world of wedding planning, and you can! However, sometimes it becomes more stressful than it should be. After all, this is a happy occasion! So many couples neglect to ask for help from those around them because they feel as if it’s their duty to do everything on their own. The truth is, there are most likely people in your lives that want to be involved in your big day in some form or fashion. Take advantage of that and ask people around you for a helping hand! When you do that, your day is even more special because more people have had a contribution.

  • Join a local Facebook group.

Social media is becoming more and more of a wedding planner’s dream. There are Facebook groups that you can join as you are planning your big day to purchase lightly used decorations, wedding dresses, find vendors, and everything else you could possibly need! They are local to you, so that not only can you pick up the materials you buy, but you can make some friends of other newly engaged couples.

  • Set a budget and timeline.

For many couples, the budget is the driving factor of many wedding planning decisions. Unless you’re swimming in money, set a budget from the beginning and stick to it. Weddings can be costly ordeals, and it may be tempting to splurge a little. If you predict that you’ll find yourself tempted to spend more, add in a buffer. Set the budget more strict than you can handle, and if there are any potential upgrades, you’ll be able to afford them and still stick to your budget. No one wants to wind up in debt after their big day.

  • Stay organized.

It may seem easy in the beginning, but wedding planning requires organization. As time goes on, and as appointments stack up, you may not remember everything you need to remember. Between guest count, budgets, appointments, music selection, cake selection, ceremony details, reception details, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Utilize spreadsheets, files, Google docs, or anything that will help you keep track of everything. In addition, creating a master checklist and timeline is ideal in making sure you and your significant other stay on top of things.

With Beach Weddings Alabama, we take care of all the little details for you. We are the area’s only all-inclusive wedding venue and make sure everything is taken care of on your behalf. Give us a call today to get started planning your perfect wedding day.