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When you get engaged and begin planning your wedding, we get it, your mind is flooded with a million things to think about. Creating your perfect wedding day takes countless hours, and can be incredibly stressful trying to remember every detail. Not to mention, if something goes wrong it’s on your shoulders to fix it. That is, unless you have a wedding planner to take that burden off of your shoulders. Wedding planners provide numerous benefits that many couples find worth the small expense of hiring them.

They save time.

If you and your significant other are like most couples, you work full-time jobs, have other commitments, and just can’t afford to completely put your life on hold to plan your wedding. Most people don’t have the countless hours that it takes to focus on each and every detail. Between booking your vendors, choosing your decor elements, and more, weddings can become time consuming very quickly.

Hiring an event planner gives you the power to say, “this is what I want,” and not worry about the fine, time consuming details. You can still work your full-time job, you can still keep up with your social life and not worry about if you’ll have time to get —insert small wedding detail here — done. So by all means, spend time celebrating and living your life, and leave the time-consuming tasks to your event planner.

They relieve stress.


Unless this is your second or third marriage, there’s a chance that you’ve never planned an event like this. All the details can make your head spin, and can easily cause your stress levels to rise. Wedding planners are not newbies. They have done this before, so they know the best ways to handle planning each and every small detail in the most stress-free way possible. Celebrate your engagement, go to work, keep up with your social life without worry.


They make sure you stay on budget and on schedule.

One of the biggest stressors of planning a wedding is the budget and the timeline. Especially if you’re planning your wedding in less than a year, your time crunch may be a bit more intense than others. Also, the wedding budget is a huge consideration. Most couples don’t have endless money to spend on their big day. That’s where the event planner’s help comes in. They have the experience and the tools to help you create your perfect wedding day, while staying within your budget and keeping everything on schedule.

They keep positive and frequent communication going with vendors.

Keeping up with your vendors may not be easy when you have other things going on. In securing vendors, there is generally lots of paperwork and contracts, scheduling appointments and calls, etc. Luckily, your event planner handles the fine print, the scheduling, and maintaining communication on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry.

They offer priceless assistance on your big day.

On your wedding day, you don’t want to worry about the caterer who accidentally spilled wine on your tablecloth, or the rip in a bridesmaid’s dress. That is the job of your event planner. You get to sit back and enjoy the day while your wedding planner handles everything that could potentially go wrong, as well as everything that happens the day-of

They give you new, creative ideas.

Most couples spend hours on the internet, or reading wedding magazines, brainstorming ideas for what they want for their big day. However, a wedding planner has been around the block and most likely is brimming with new ideas on how to make your big day unique to you and within your budget.

They advocate for your vision.

Your event planner is an advocate for your vision. It’s their job to take what they discuss with you, and go after exactly what you want. In communicating with vendors and other outside sources, they will communicate and campaign for what you want, so you get your dream wedding day.

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