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Tips For Planning The Perfect Beach Wedding

Between the sand, the waves, and the breeze, the beach makes a unique and romantic wedding venue. If you are planning your wedding to take place on the wedding, you have made a great choice. However, the wedding planning experts at Beach Weddings Alabama, the area’s most affordable beach wedding venue, have several tips for making sure your beachy big day runs smoothly.


Keep it simple. The beach is beautiful on its own. You don’t need an overwhelming amount of decor to make your wedding look beautiful. The best way to emphasize the beauty of the ocean is to downplay your decorations, and tailor them to the natural color palette of the ocean landscape. For example, consider a simple arch with some beautiful colored fabric as the only decoration for your ceremony. With the ocean as your backdrop, you’ll want to avoid going overboard with extra decorations and flowers.

Add a simple pop of color. Adding a pop of color is great to make your ceremony setup stand out, but it has to be done right. You’ll want to choose colors that either go with your theme, or go with the colors of the ocean like corals, greens, and blues.


If you’re looking for a more traditional look for your ceremony, having it on the beach may not be your best bet. The sand, the wind, and the moisture-filled air pose some complications for the bride who wants to wear the big, heavy wedding dress. If you are gunning to get married on the beach, consider a lightweight, sleeveless dress with straps.

Ditch the veil. Often on the beach, it’s far too breezy to wear a veil without it blowing all over. Not only that, but it poses as a major tripping hazard, as the sand is not easy to walk in as it is.

Leave the heels at home. Walking in the sand is not easy. It is practically impossible to walk in the sand in heels. Some great options for beach wedding brides are a flat-sole sandal, espadrilles, or wedges — just anything that won’t sink in the sand. Not to mention, in the daytime, the sand gets pretty hot, so it’s a good idea to consider not having your ceremony barefoot.

Planning Logistics

Make sure you have a sound system. The ocean can be fairly loud with the sound of the waves, coupled with the breeze. There is generally a lot of background noise at a beach wedding, and it’s important to make sure that what needs to be heard is heard by the audience.

Consider having your ceremony during the day. The most beautiful part of a beach wedding, besides the bride, is the ocean. If you want to have your ceremony at sunset or later, you’ll miss out on the beauty of the water. Once the sun drops below horizon, it loses its color. Having a daytime ceremony means that you’ll still get the beautiful blue-green ocean water as your background.

Hire local vendors. For a beach wedding, local vendors, or an all-inclusive venue are your best bets. You want vendors who are respectful and accommodate the beach environment. At Beach Weddings Alabama, we are the area’s only all-inclusive, affordable beach wedding venue. We provide all that you could possibly need to make your beach wedding truly special and tailored to your needs. We provide everything from florists to photographers to caterers.

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