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Top Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Really Care About


Being engaged is a really exciting time. You’re filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation preparing for one of the best days of your life. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to prepare, but you might be surprised to know that there are some details of wedding planning that aren’t as crucial as you might think. Beach Weddings Alabama strives to help you prioritize what you want your day to be like, and provides everything you need for your perfect day. Being the area’s only all-inclusive wedding provider, we know what will make your wedding guests rave for years to come, and what will flop.


Your invitations may seem like an important detail. They are the thing that people will see to get a first impression of your wedding. However, they aren’t as important as you think they are. The truth is, your wedding invitation will end up in the recycling bin as fast as your wedding day arrives. In order to save money on the elements of your wedding that matter most you you, keep it simple. You can create an elegant and simple wedding invitation, that gives a great impression of your big day, without breaking the bank. Beach Weddings Alabama works with you to prioritize the elements that matter most to you to create the wedding of your dreams at the price of your dreams. Contact us today to get started.


Your wedding programs are similar to your invitations. They seem like an important detail when you’re planning out your reception, but the role of the program can easily be filled by a decorative chalkboard or wooden sign detailing who is in the wedding party, and the general timeline of the evening. The chalkboard/wooden sign is an up and coming trend in weddings, and function as paperless programs. Place several decorated signs around your wedding venue and your guests will be fully informed. Not to mention you’ll save time, money, and paper.


As beautiful as they are, your flowers don’t really matter to your big day as much as you think they do. They create a beautiful ambiance (and smell), but there’s no reason you have to invest in expensive designer blooms to create a beautiful atmosphere. At Beach Weddings Alabama, we have florists in-house to help you create the beautiful flower arrangements you’ve always dreamt of at the fraction of the cost. Contact us to learn more.

First Dance

Your first dance is an incredibly special part of your wedding. However, it’s really only special to you and your new spouse. It is not a detail of your wedding that your guests will remember, so you really don’t need to worry about investing in expensive dance lessons, or a choreographed routine. Just be yourself and enjoy your time with your new spouse.

Specialty Drinks

Having a drink concocted to represent the bride and one to represent the groom is a common trend in weddings nowadays. However, it’s not necessary, and is generally expensive. A less expensive option is to pick one signature cocktail to serve that you both really enjoy, and focus on that. Some couples opt for a Moscow Mule bar, or an Old Fashioned bar, or something of the like. Your guests will care more about having a drink to sip on than whether or not you have two, and what they’re called. Get creative with one drink, make it great, and your guests will love it.


Wedding favors are a tricky element in a wedding. Many couples feel obligated to include wedding favors because they want a way to say, “thank you” to their wedding guests. However, no one really cares about a monogrammed champagne glass. Your loved ones love you, but not enough to have your name and wedding date inscribed on their dishware. A less expensive, and more enjoyable alternative is to express creativity through giving your guests a little extra. This could include a food truck, extra late night snacks passed around the dance floor, an extended party, a photo booth, the ideas are endless.

It is entirely possible to create the perfect wedding day to celebrate you and your spouse, while saving money, and creating a great time for all. It’s all about prioritizing what is important to you, and what you want your guests to remember. At Beach Weddings Alabama, it’s all included. We include every element you need to create your best wedding day, and give you the freedom to personalize it however you please. Contact us today to get started planning your dream wedding!

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