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Don’t Forget! Last Minute Wedding Tasks

Your big day is fast approaching, and you have been working hard on your wedding plans. To be sure that your wedding day flows smoothly, you can never be too ready! Even if you feel prepared, there are many last minute details that are surprisingly forgotten. Read on for some last minute wedding tasks that sometimes fall by the wayside.

Music Playlist

In your mind, you have the perfect wedding playlist: the song you will dance to, the song you will walk down the aisle to, and the songs that will keep everyone dancing into the night. But have you written this list down? Even if you use a DJ, you don’t want to spend your wedding night trying to remember those high school favorites that you thought would be a great choice for your reception. Make your playlist early on in the wedding planning, and continue to add to it as you remember songs you love, your spouse’s favorites, or meaningful songs for friends and family. Being ready with this playlist will make your wedding tunes play smoothly.

Tip Envelopes

If you are wanting to thank individual people for their service on your wedding day (think DJs, photographers, or caterers), you don’t want to be cashless after the reception. Preparing tip envelopes ahead of time and giving them to trusted friends or planners can eliminate this from the things you need to think about on your big day while still being gracious and appreciative.


ou would never forget your rings, right? You would be surprised how many couples only remember the rings the morning of their big day! This is definitely one detail that you don’t want to miss! Make sure you pick yours up a few days before your wedding, and you can take this time to get your engagement ring cleaned and polished as well. You want your rings to look sparkly in all of your wedding photographs!

Manicure and Pedicure

All those photos of your rings will include your nails, so get them professionally manicured! Your photographs will be treasured for years, so choose a color that you love and have your nails looking their best. Your ring will look better on your hand, and you will feel beautiful and glamorous! Even if you are wearing closed-toe heels, getting a pedicure will make your big day feel a little more special.

List Your Pics

Do you have certain pictures you definitely want in your wedding photos? Is the day before your wedding really important? What about your guests dancing? Do you want pictures while you are getting ready? If there are special moments you want to be sure to capture, or you want a specific style of photography, be sure to write it down and list the pictures you want. While wedding photography usually covers all of the big moments, there might be special requests that you won’t remember until it is too late. The more information you can give your photographer, the better!

Create a Hashtag

These days, it isn’t just the photographer capturing wedding moments. Many guests will have their phones ready to document the day on social media, and many of these photos are great to include in your albums. If you create a unique hashtag to use on Instagram and Facebook, you can see all of the great images that are captured by your guests. Make sure it is something unique, that no one else will be using. Your wedding hashtag will help all of your guests see the fun photos that come from your special day!

Signature Cocktail

Do you have a favorite drink that you would love to share with your wedding guests? Creating a signature cocktail, with a great name, can be something memorable that all of your guests enjoy. If you have a cocktail you shared on your first date, or a drink that is the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses, it can keep the theme of your wedding going. Make sure that you have the recipe well ahead of schedule, adjusted for your taste, and that the bartender knows how to make it! If there are any other details, like little umbrellas or cherries, make sure those are on hand well ahead of your big day.

Create a Morning Schedule

There will be so many things to get done on the morning of your wedding, so make sure you make a master list of how the morning will go down. Always allow a little extra time for each item, so if your hair takes a little longer, or a friend is a little late, you have some wiggle room. Just thinking everything will work out sometimes leads to disaster, so carefully plan out the morning so that you know you have enough time to get everything done.

Plan Your Meals

Speaking of that schedule, make sure that you work in some meals and snacks. Oftentimes, you are so busy on the day of your wedding that you can forget to eat. This can lead to you feeling sick, weak, and tired by the time the ceremony rolls around. Don’t forget to eat! Even small snacks high in protein can keep you going; think nuts, cheese, and smoothies. Some brides want to avoid eating to look as good as possible in their dress, but you should make sure you have some fuel that day to feel great. Remember to drink enough water as well!

Guest Gifts

A very sweet touch for your guests, or members of your wedding party, is to give them little gifts on their arrival to their hotels or your ceremony. These gifts can be small, but putting some thought into them can make them special keepsakes. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute for a suitable gift, or wrapping them all up, so do this task well before your wedding day. Showing your guests that you really appreciate them celebrating with you is a thoughtful touch.

Check Outfits and Accessories

Especially if you are not mandated that your wedding party wear an exact dress or style, it is good to do a run-through of outfits and accessories prior to the wedding day. Maybe you have been somewhat vague on the direction you want to go for your bridesmaids—”pink” can mean soft and subtle, or loud and bright! Make sure your wedding party lets you see a final version of what they will be wearing so you can make any adjustments. Accessories count here too! You don’t want someone’s statement necklace stealing the whole show!

Don’t Wait on Haircuts

While you may love the idea of a new haircut on your big day, the reality is that many haircuts take some adjustment, or can even leave you feeling a little unsure. The best time for a drastic style change is not on the morning of your wedding! If you are considering a new cut or color, do it well before your wedding with time for a do-over, and time to play around with your new style.

Shoe Practice

Are you wearing a brand new pair of shoes on your wedding? Make sure you wear them around the house a bit before your wedding to soften them a bit. If you are not used to wearing high heels, or the heels for your outfit will be way taller than what you usually wear, practice walking so that you don’t fall on the aisle! Whatever shoes you choose, make sure you can wear them comfortably (or at least until you can change into something else at the reception!)

Finalize Traditions

Did you find your “something borrowed, something blue” yet? If you want to keep this wedding tradition, or if you have special family traditions you would like to keep, get them prepared ahead of time. You don’t want to be scrambling to find your perfect blue item at the last minute!


Think About Pets

If you are travelling far for your wedding, you probably have someone in place to take care of your pets. But if you live nearby, you may not have considered who will feed the cat or walk the dog on your big day. Designate someone who can fulfill this role; you don’t want to be racing home to let your dog out partway through your wedding makeup! If you want your pet to be included with some part of your ceremony, make sure to plan for this as well!

Designate Helpers

People will want to help you out on your wedding day, but if you don’t designate helpers for specific tasks, they won’t get done. Helpers can make sure that deliveries are made, guests are accounted for, and appointments are kept. A designated helper for your wedding gifts, who can take them home and deliver them to you later, is also a great idea. You don’t want to be stuck cleaning up, wrangling gifts, or helping guests at the last minute. Designate helpers to make your wedding day easier!

Get Enough Sleep!


Okay, this one is easier said than done. Getting enough sleep the day before your wedding is really important, and can make you enjoy your big day even more. One way to ensure a good amount of sleep is organizing all of your tasks as far out as possible, so you aren’t stuck doing a long list of items the night before. You should also try to plan events so that you are able to wind down for the night before your wedding at a reasonable time. You want to be fresh-faced and refreshed-feeling on your wedding day!

Weddings can be a lot of work, but with the right tips you can navigate the wedding waters much easier. Another thing that makes your wedding easier is booking with Beach Weddings Alabama! If you want a beautiful beach wedding on the white sand shores of Orange Beach, we offer packages that can take the stress off of you! A beach wedding gives you a gorgeous location that you and your guests will love, and offers a unique location to celebrate your special occasion. With our all-inclusive packages we handle the ceremony, reception, flowers, DJ, food, and more! Find out about all of our great options today!

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