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Dress Ideas For a Beach Wedding

Choosing to have a beach wedding is a great decision! Beach weddings are beautiful, unique, and add the perfect backdrop to your vows. If you are planning a beach wedding, you have the venue taken care of, but you still need to find the perfect dress. When you choose a dress for a beach wedding, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the style, so pick something that you love! Read on for some great beach wedding dress ideas.


The beach is romantic and beautiful, but it also lends itself perfectly to a casual event. If your style is more casual than traditional, choose a dress that is not as formal. Just because you are thinking of going casual, doesn’t mean you need to lack in the style department. You may choose to not have a full satin gown, but you can still have something unique and beautiful. A sheath dress is a great casual style that doesn’t need to have the fullness and length of a traditional wedding gown. Consider cutouts at the neck or back to add interesting detail and style. Another great, casual style is a two-piece dress. Embrace the sun and sand, and try out a different style dress with a separate top and bottom! The other option is to choose a dress that is still dressy, but in a more casual fabric. Cotton, linen, and gauze fabrics all can make beautiful dresses a little more beach-appropriate while still having great style. Embrace the casual wedding dress at your beach wedding!


The traditional wedding dress is long and flowing, perhaps even with a several foot train extending behind the bride. While these dresses are beautiful, they are not very appropriate for a beach wedding. You don’t want your dress dragging in the sand, getting dirty and possibly wet. A short style can still be just as beautiful and glamourous as a longer dress, but you don’t end up with sand in your hem. Short, elegant wedding dresses can be form-fitting and sheath style, or full and flouncy above the knee. A short dress also keeps you cool if the weather is hot. You don’t have to have a full-coverage wedding dress to have a gown full of unique style.


Don’t be limited to just white at your next beach wedding! Embrace the colors of the beach and the tropics and choose what you love! The beach is the perfect place for the colors of the sea: blue, green, and aquamarine. It also is the perfect place to have a bright, colorful wedding! The beach offers a great backdrop if you want to have rainbow shades at your wedding. You could have a wedding dress that is multicolored, or one bold primary color. A beach wedding offers the perfect opportunity to break out of the wedding box and get bold and unique.


The perfect dress needs the perfect pair of shoes. Or the perfect anti-shoe! There are many barefoot sandal styles today that pair a very minimal sole with flowers, beads, lace, and more to create a unique footwear look. Especially if you have a shorter dress, let your footwear really shine with something interesting and unique! High heels really have no place at a beach wedding-they will just get stuck in the sand. Flip flops could be perfectly appropriate for a beach wedding, but if you are looking for something a little more elevated, a sandal with ribbons that tie around the ankle, or decorated with flowers will create the perfect accessory to your dress. Even if you decide to go barefoot, and skip the shoes altogether, you could accessorize with beautiful anklets that look a little more interesting. Whatever shoes you choose, your first step should be to find something that is comfortable and easy to walk in the sand with!


Okay, this is mainly a blog about wedding dresses, but we can touch on some great ideas for your husband’s wear as well! Just like your dress, don’t let your groom be limited to a formal suit. More casual suits, made of lightweight cotton or linen can fit in perfectly to your beach scene. Colored suits in classic beach colors, such as light pink, yellow, or blue, can also be perfect in a beach wedding, and can coordinate with your dress. Subtle, summery prints of plaid or small polka dots can also fit in great at the beach.

If you are choosing to have a beach wedding, you are ready to do something unique and outside of the box. Your dress should reflect your individual beach-loving style, and doing something in a different fabric, length, or color will fit in perfectly. If you are hoping for a beach wedding in the Orange Beach area, but haven’t found the perfect venue, Beach Weddings Alabama has all-inclusive packages that can make your special day easy and amazing! Contact us today to pick your date, and start planning your beach wedding!

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